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Task №2. Trading with MetaTrader.

Nowadays, operations on the financial markets are mostly performed via trading platforms. Earlier, to make a deal, traders had to call their brokers, whose telephone lines were always busy. Today, it is a fully automated process which takes only several minutes. Thanks to trading platforms, market participants can get all necessary information, request quotes, and open short or long positions on a particular trading instrument. Besides, using trading platforms, traders can open demo accounts to master their trading skills.

Demo account is what every beginner needs to properly learn the market. Follow this link to learn more about demo account.

Demo account allows newbies to learn all peculiarities of a real market without risking their own money. Thus, they use virtual funds to perform operations (note that virtual funds used for trading are not the same as used in online payment systems). Demo account has all functions of a live account. It gives traders an opportunity to polish trading skills and obtain confidence – essential qualities for trading.

Opening a demo account, beginners can choose any size of initial capital. However, it is recommended to start with the sum that will be used when trading on a live account.

Demo accounts have the following distinctive features:
  • No risks to lose real money.
  • No identity documents are requested to open a demo account.
  • All positions are automatically opened and closed according to the current exchange rate in contrast to a live account where deals are opened and closed by professional dealers.
  • All positions are automatically opened and closed according to the current exchange rate in contrast to a live account where deals are opened and closed by professional dealers.
  • Using of real funds requires attention, patience, and deep concentration.

You can find more information on differences between demo and live accounts in the section created for the beginning traders.

If you have decided to open a demo account, you should install MetaTrader on your computer. MetaTrader is a software that allows traders to receive quotes from the forex market participants, i.e. various banks and the world’s largest exchanges, in a real time mode. Besides, traders can benefit from price charts for every traded currency.

Today, Forex offers its participants several types of trading platforms with different interface and functionality. However, MetaTrader is supposed to be the most popular and convenient trading platform.

To download MetaTrader, follow this link.

Besides, you can use a mobile version of the trading platform, which is compatible with Android as well as iOS and Windows.

After downloading MetaTrader, install the program on your computer. Then, the program shortcut will appear on the desktop of your computer.

If you want to start trading on a demo account, open MetaTrader and in the File section click Open an Account, then click Next.

You should choose a server in the window and after that, the program will automatically create your Username and Password. You will receive an email with your Username and Password to the email address you have entered while registering an account.

Now, you have your demo account. However, to start trading via MetaTrader, you should read MetaTrader User Guide. You can download it via this link:

Questions for revision
  1. What is a Demo-account?
  2. What the «InstaTrader» terminal serves for?

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