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Remarkable people’s lives of Russia

Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich was born on October 24, 1966 in Saratov. However, there is a speculation that birth place is in Syktyvkar. Roman became an orphan at the age of 4: his mother, Irina Vasilyevna, died when he was 1.5 years, and his father, Arkadiy Hakhimovich, who worked in Syktyvkar in soviet council, died when Roman was 4. In 1974 Roman moves to Moscow to his uncle Abram Abramovich and in 1834 he finishes school No. 232. After serving his time in the Soviet army, Roman enters Industrial Institution where he finishes 2 years of studies because of his studies in Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas in Moscow. By the way, there is no evidence that Abramovich received diploma of this university.

At the end of 80th, Roman Abramovich got engaged into commerce together with his fellow student Andrei Blokh. Together they have opened a private firm producing plastic toys. The production was realized on numerous markets of Moscow city, including famous Luzhniki. The businessmen yielded a good profit which allowed them to pay all official taxes.

However, in 1992 Abramovich was arrested on suspicion of stealing of 55 carriages with diesel fuel totaling 4 million rubles. Despite serious allegations and full inquiry into the incident, Roman was not proved guilty.

In 1993, Roman changes the sphere of business; in particular, he sells oil in the town of Noyabrsk. The tycoon’s company Mekong was the second largest company in Noyabrsk on the sales volume.

Later this year he becomes the head of Moscow department of Runicom S.A. and holds this position until 1996.

In 1994, Abramovich, together with his companions, creates vertically integrated company Sibneft. By the moment Sibneft was established, the businessmen have already controlled all the necessary elements for the running of the large oil company: oil extraction and production, oil and material logistics.

In 1996 Abramovich established several companies for different purposes. The most important are: ZAO Multitrans, ZAO Forneft, ZAO Branko, OOO Agrofert, ZAO Sibreal, ZAO Oilimpeks, OOO Vector-A, ZAO Servet, ZAO Tsenturion-M. In fact, the tycoon created these firms to acquire the controlling interest in Sibneft in cooperation with Boris Berezovskiy.

After Sibneft was established, Abramovich concentrated on the backstairs influence of company's interests among powers that be. Thus, Roman Abramovich had close relations with Boris Berezovskiy and the family of the President Boris Yeltzin. There was a time when the famous tycoon was called “grey figure” of the Russian Federation.

In 2000, on the basis of two large holdings: Siberian Aluminum and Sibneft, a new large holding, Russian Aluminum, was created with the purpose to purchase large industrial companies which were not the sphere of influence and interest of Siberian Aluminum. As the result, Roman Abramovich becomes the most powerful person on aluminum market in Russia.

In 1999, Roman is elected to the State Duma of the third convocation of Chukotka single-mandate consistency в„–223. He works in the Committee on Problems of the North and Far East as well.

In 2000 he becomes the governor of the Chukotka region which was no surprise. The only opponent - current Chukotka's governor Aleksandr Nazarov - withdrew his candidacy in the race due to the lack of prospects.

In 2001, according to the Forbes, Roman Abramovich is named as one of the world’s richest men. In the same year Roman acquires one of the oldest and well-known Chelsea Football Club. The takeover totaled 140 million pounds. Chelsea's stocks advanced in three times on the London exchange after Abramovich has bought the club.

In 2002, according to Eurobusiness magazine, Roman Abramovich doubled his net worth just in a year.

Abramovich has also succeeded in social sphere. He is involved in charitable work, heads Moscow Chabad-Lubavitch Jewish center, and sponsors the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia. At present Roman Abramovich is not married; however he has been married twice. He has 6 children.